Raise individuals who can understand global issues & produce solutions

Our training programmes emphasise universal values and raise awareness of global problems. Students spend safe and quality time reading books, developing projects and producing solutions.

What are the goals and outcomes of the programme?

While improving students' language skills, our main goals are to raise awareness of universal issues such as ending extreme poverty, combating inequality and injustice, and fight against climate change.

Language Skills

While improving students' language skills, our main goals are to raise awareness of universal issues such as ending extreme poverty, combating inequality and injustice, and the fight against climate change.


Using appropriate content and strategies, students can explore, gain confidence and create awareness.

Raising awareness

We aim to enable students to learn about society, the environment and the world they live in and to take action.

Universal Educational Outcomes

We aim to enable students to have ideas and take action on universal issues such as communication, tolerance, honesty, and respect for differences.

Social responsibility

In order to raise conscious and aware individuals, it is important to teach the students what responsibility is. For this end, stories are the best way.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our aim is to create awareness on global & environmental issues with our content and approach.

“If we want generations to become good citizens of the world, we must include ethical and human values in their education, rather than merely teaching them to read and write.”

Hanan Al-Hroub

2016 Global Teacher Award Winner

We aim to increase environmental awareness and sensitivity in students with our stories and other content. Students will care more about the planet they live on and nature through the themes developed in line with the UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals.

To create long-term sustainable change, we believe we must start with the youth. Teach them any subject based on the SDGs so that the students will internalise the global goals and take action by themselves.

UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocate, Filmmaker, and Comic Relief Co-Founder

Jungo Digital

Our content is aimed at improving the reading and comprehension skills of future generations. It is a digital educational platform designed to help students increase their awareness and find solutions to improve life, both in the field of art and within the framework of the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

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Students will be exposed to UNDP Sustainable Development Goals while learning and practising language skills.

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All of our content is prepared under the supervision of our expert psychological counselor and teachers.

Age appropriateness

Our platform contains content that aims to improve students' four basic language skills.

Educational Content

With the themes based on the UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals, students encounter content full of educational outcomes that will enable them to improve both in their school and their social lives.


Students produce creative and meaningful solutions through projects where they can put forward original ideas and develop creative thinking skills.


Students raise awareness on global issues such as sharing limited resources with other living things, equal access to opportunities, and world peace. Thus, they become more sensitive, inquisitive and knowledgeable individuals.

There are thousands of different forms of happiness. Happiness for us are the schools that choose us.

Jungo Kids

Students will be exposed to level-suitable content and will dive-in to different adventures with books written by many successful people such as Gupse Özay, Alper Kul, Erdil Yaşaroğlu and Can Bonomo.


Alper Baytekin

Alper Kul

Begüm Kütük

Bihter Dinçel

Can Bonomo

Derya Beşerler

Didem Balçın

Erdil Yaşaroğlu

Gupse Özay

Itır Erhart

Mert Fırat

Mirgün Cabas

Sine Aras Akten

Şebnem Hassanisoughi

Jungo Tech

We focus not solely on the technology but on the user when we create our products. We create solutions using years of experience in publishing, education and design.

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